Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Santa,

Let me start this out by saying a few things:

1. This is the first time I have ever made a Christmas/Birthday list ever. (I have only ever asked for two things in my life a Boy Cabbage Patch when I was in 2nd grade, and Squiggles the cat for my 16th birthday (I got both) with the cat my mom said, I don’t remember you ever asking for anything I have to say yes) My love language is gifts, this does NOT mean that I’m greedy and expect things, it means the effort put into the gift means so much to me, I rather people try and find me the perfect gift, telling them what I want is not fun for me….I buy myself the things I want…I rather be surprised with something awesome, that you just knew I'd love because it’s “so me”.

2. My birthday is 11 days before Christmas, so while I feel like this list has a lot on it I get all my gifts for the year in less than a two week span, I won’t have two gift posts so I feel that justifies mine being longer.

3. While I realize that I do not have to do the standard “Christmas list ideas post” I’ve excepted the idea that not everyone’s love language is gift giving, and certain people (especially of the boy variety) would rather me just tell them what to buy me. It is my hope (ARE YOU LISTENING SANTA??) that this list will be just a general idea and will help those that purchase gifts for me come up with their own ideas.

Alright here we go!

Down Jacket

With our epic Road Trip coming up and knowing that Garrett is going to make me try skiing (I’m a little bit scared). I need a new coat. The truth is this Florida girl is just not prepared for winter (even after all these years!) and I get cold, so after some searching I think down is the way to go! I like how this Columbia one is cut (so hopefully I don’t look like a marshmallow!)


I’ve seen these gloves on quite a few bloggers wish list and I love them! First of all I’m a sucker for ruffles! and I know how hard it is to make a touch screen phone work with gloves on, with these gloves I can actually reply to the messages I get while sitting in a freezing cold stadium!


I went back and forth between this tripod and a camera extender and the only conclusion I’ve come up with is I need both of them! I hate asking people to take pictures for me (even though I offer to do it a lot) This is pretty much a must have before we head out on any more trips…but which one to choose? Are both over kill?

L22 Nikon  L110 Nikon

I don’t need two new cameras but I want them both and I can’t decide which one to want more. I want this small Nikon for a few reasons, sometimes I don’t want to take a bigger camera places and this one is small enough to fit in my pocket. love that. It takes good pictures (while I won’t be blowing them up to poster size) I won’t miss things because I’m not lugging my camera along. And the most important reason, it takes regular AA batteries so I never have to worry about it not being charged up! I want the other Nikon to replace my current camera, I’ve gone back and forth about wanting to get a DSLR and the truth is while I’d love the idea of getting it and learning it, I don’t have the time right now and I will not invest in a DSLR to shoot with it in Automatic, that is a waste! So, I think this is a good upgrade at this point, and it takes AA batteries and has 15x zoom! :)


lunch box

This lunch box makes the type A in my personality so happy! The organization, the healthy foods that can be put in those individual containers, the BPA freeness of it all, it makes me giddy with excitedness. I just haven’t managed to convince myself that it’s okay to spend $45 on a lunch box…

One Line a day

I saw this journal make it’s rounds on last years Christmas Wish lists and this year I want it too!! It’s the perfect amount of space each day for writing down what has happened in your life. I think it’s perfect and I don’t think I would get overwhelmed trying to write in it every day, plus the next 5 years of my life are sure to be filled with things I want to remember, what a fun way to document it!


I wear a lot of dresses in the winter layered with long-sleeved shirts and tights, it makes my wardrobe last for more seasons because I can wear the same dresses when it’s warmer without the shirt and tights! It’s perfect. Except when it’s 20 degrees outside and the good ol’ Oklahoma wind is blowing 40mph, that wind will whip right through some measly tights, but not these they are fleece lined for extra warmth!


I have really small wrists and I don’t want a big bulky watch, so while I love the 3,650 OU watches I own I don’t wear them. They are too big and they aren’t ideal for everyday wear. This one is perfect!

Elephant Ring

I love elephants, a lot. And I love this baby elephant ring from Etsy, it is just too cute for words, with or without the diamond eyes, I want it on my finger!

Food Processor

I need this mini food processor I have so many new pesto recipes I want to try! Like almond spinach pesto, and sundried tomato pesto. This thing will make many tummies very happy!


Alright what’s on your Christmas list? I’d love more ideas for what to buy other people, and maybe a few ideas on how to spend my extra Christmas money!!


Jessica said...

Saying hi from Mingle Mondays! I love your gift list... that elephant ring is so precious! I see you go to OU; I'm an Aggie myself, but I won't hold that against you :P. I'm glad y'all beat Nebraska, though! :)

High Heeled Life said...

Love your post and it message.. Being a December baby myself (6 days before Christmas) I so hear you. Also much like you I like people to be creative , afterall if they are buying me a gift I hope they know what I like, need .. (the wants I am happy to get myself)... HHL

Classy Career Girl said...

Great idea to do a letter to Santa! I love yours! Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

Michelle said...

Stopping by from Mingle Monday... love those gloves and aren't Skagen watches the best?! That is such a good list!

Emily Silver said...

Very good list :) And that elephant ring is the cutest thing I've ever seen!