Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Resolutions



I did much, much better accomplishing my 2010 Goals, then I did my 2009 goals!

1. Have Christmas presents ready by the end of October. Haha not so much…BUT I was not buying or wrapping presents on Christmas Eve, so that’s a start!

2. Attend a SOONERS away game. We went to two! and lost them both! (so sad) if we had won, I think we’d have gone to a few more…but we’re headed out to Glendale to attend my first bowl game!!!

3. Try at least one new recipe a month. Yes! I didn’t do a very good job blogging about new recipes but I tried more than 12!

4. Go on a cruise This is one of the failures…sad. I decided maybe we would go this year but there are already so many trips planned, I don’t know if we’ll be able to fit one in…

5. Head to the Big D three times to see those Texas cousins. Yes! I headed down quite a few times, once I even stayed an entire week! I’m pretty sure I’m up for cousin of the year this year!

6. Attend an activity of each of the cousins. I made it to the 3 littles games, and to one of Jeffery’s concerts, I did not attend a soccer game for Jack, or a Cross Country meet for Blake (but I ran with Blake in several races, that has to count for something…)

7. Send/Give Birthday Cards to the kids. Yes! All kiddos got birthday cards and presents this year! I told you I was up for cousin of the year!

8. Track calories daily not so much…

9. Eat lunch out no more than once a month when at work. big fat fail…

10. Exercise 2 hours a week. I averaged out to 2 hours a week, some weeks I got a lot more, and some weeks I got quite a bit less!


Goals 8-10 while these could have been improved upon GREATLY I am ending 2010 25lbs lighter than I started it, so I did something right, even if I didn’t do it the way I had hoped!

I’ll be posting 2011 shortly, hopefully I’ll do even better :)

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