Friday, December 31, 2010

It’s Resolution Time!

Well yesterday we saw how I did last year, today it’s time to see what I want to accomplish in 2011.

11 in 11

1. Reach my Goal weight

I did a good job of getting started in 2010, time to get the rest off this year!! (preferably by my 10 year (oh my god I cannot even believe I am that old!!) high school reunion)

2. Stay on track at school.


To reach the goals I’ve set for myself academically I need to complete 18 hours (if I can fit in a few more that’d be okay to!)

3. Attend the Oklahoma vs. fsu game!


We had so much fun when Natalie, Hunter, and my Mom came up for the game this year in Norman, I can only hope that Garrett and I leave as happy as we did this year!!

4. Read 12 non academic books


I love to read, but when I started back to school fun reading kind of took a backseat, I think I can do one a month though!

5. Once a week blog a recipe.


I love, love, love getting cooking ideas from other blogs, who doesn’t? I’m going to commit to blogging 52 things I make this year! Stick around for some yummy new ideas!

6. Cook 6 meals for the Ronald McDonald house.


The RMH is such an amazing organization, it’s something I’ve wanted to get involved in for a long time. This year I’m going to find the time to take a meal for the families staying there once every other month.

7. No Traffic Violations!



I got pulled over twice this year (that’s the amount of times I’ve been pulled over TOTAL before this year!!) Luckily I only had to pay one ticket, but I’ve got to get my road rage under control, and maybe slow down a little bit! No visits with the nice police folks in 2011!

8. Save, Save, Save!


I’m pretty good at saving, but you can always be better! I have a number in mind what I want my savings account to look like at the end of the 2011. I’ll have to budget and be a little more frugal to get there.

9. Establish a skin care routine.


It’s no secret I’m getting old. I have been blessed with pretty good skin, which as led to a pretty lax Ashlee when it comes to skin care. I love to buy face products but I never really follow through. Lately, I’ve noticed that the wrinkles on my face are starting to run rampart, I think it’s about time I get serious with taking care of my skin!

10. Exercise Three Times a week!


2010 wasn’t a bad year for exercising I really embraced running. BUT I need to get better at sticking to a routine, year round! Not just when the weather is best for running outside!

11. 365 Picture Challenge.


This is the resolution I feel is the most likely to fail, but the one that could potentially be the best! I want to take a picture every day of something that is going on in my life. My hope (but not my commitment) is to do a weekly blog update showing the pictures. So fun! I’ve seen lots of people start this but few (none?) finish it.


Alright those are my 11 for 2011!

I’m such a list person I have different goals listed different places but I like to have some public resolutions.

What about you? Do you make resolutions? 

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