Tuesday, March 10, 2009

back. lol.

I'm back from Florida. I just went for a long weekend Friday - Monday, I had a super fun time! Except for I'm sunburnt and look like a tourist (sick)!

I have not uploaded my pictures yet...but I will soon!

until then go to this blog, and laugh it is SO funny!

No, really I thought I might pee my pants a few times...if you need to laugh here is the place to do it. Her pictures are soo funny and her narratives make it all the better...

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Giant Sis said...

i only got to glance at the cake site - looks pretty fun - although now i'm craving some icing. oh well! glad you're back safe and sunburnt. well, i'm not glad about the sunburn - and i would believe that you were familiar with the concept of sunscreen. i hope your suffering is light.