Sunday, March 15, 2009

Florida! Fishing

Sunday we went fishing the ride out was HORRIBLE, like so bad I almost cried, and I L O V E being on the water. I was so scared the waves were high there were bigger boats making BIG wakes the wind was blowing I was FREEZING and I was so scared my camera was going to get wet....

But, I caught the first fish, so things were looking up!

Scott called it a trash fish (mean!)

Really it's a lizard fish- nothing really eats it, including people.

I guess this makes it useless.

But, I think he is important!

This is me waiting to catch something else.

Yes, Scott did make that fishing pole, if you're wondering.

The water started getting pretty!

I also have some kind of obsession with taking pictures of birds flying.

He's really serious when he fishes.
Sadly, I forgot to bring my fishing shirt that matches his.

He for real wears that thing to avoid sunburn.


Most of the time he did have it around his neck.

in the boat....waiting.

Then I caught this Sheep's Head.

He is beautiful!

And hard to catch! (so Scott says)

I loved him!

I gave him a pep talk about telling his friends to let me take their pictures, I would give them a free meal and let them go home.

He really just wanted back in the water.

And I wanted to take a good picture.

You know for his FACEBOOK!

I was afraid he was going to die, so I instructed Scott to dip him in the water and let me try again before we let him go.

Oh that's good everyone can see your pretty stripes!

Then it happened.

He smiled really big.

And let me get a picture of....


I'm not going to lie I wanted to keep him a little bit. He is so cute!

Finally Scott caught this lady fish, she's not as cool as my Sheep's Head.

But was way more cooperative during her photo shoot.


Shortly after this we could tell I was a little too red....and we hit the water and headed back to dry land....making me the WINNER, I caught the most fish and the coolest fish!

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christie said...

those teeth are terrifying!!!

it looks like you guys really had fun. this post made me want to go fishing one day. we'll see.