Tuesday, March 24, 2009


If you are one of my faithful (3) readers I understand you have very little interest in this but I am so furious about this attack that I am hoping people who google this incident will find their way here. So, bare with me.

If you found yourself here from google and you are absolutely sickened by this like I am. If you are angry at Morgan State's athletic director who calls this an entanglement, when any one with half a brain can see that Ameer Ali grabbed Blake's arm and purposefully flipped Blake Griffin over then please send your concerns for future players that have to encounter this aggressive player Ameer Ali as well as the college sport in general. Then send an email or a letter to one or all of the following:

Morgan State Basketball Coach Todd Bozman who also has anger issues: tbozeman@moac.morgan.edu

Morgan State Athletic Director Floyd Kerr who thinks there was no malicious intent: fkerr@moac.morgan.edu

Morgan State University
Athletic Department

1700 East Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251

Also, I have included NCAA contact information since Morgan State seems to be taking no responsibility for its players actions not even in the form of an apology (even though I'm looking for a suspension or removal from the team) It looks like we will have to hope that the NCAA steps in:

NCAA PR email: pmr@ncaa.org

NCAA physical address:
The National Collegiate Athletic Association
700 W Washington Street
PO Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana

Help protect our Collegiate players and the institution of College Basketball!

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christie said...

nice layout :)

sorry about the OU boy. that looked awful! i hope you got a lot of hits because you posted all that info.