Sunday, March 29, 2009

SOONER basketball

If you know me you know I L-O-V-E love football, especially SOONER football...but I support all OU athletics (our baseball team won today, and I can talk about the tennis teams) but, I'm trying really hard to learn about basketball and getting to go to the first two rounds of the tournament are really helping the cause!

Our tour ended tonight we are one of the best 8 teams in the nation and that's not such a bad stat. My heart breaks for those boys, I hope they know that the SOONER nation is so very proud of them!! And of course now I'll cheer for UNC to win the rest of the way, at least that way we lost to the winners!

This post will update you on the pics from Kansas City.

Why thank you!

This one's for Rita!! I saw her boys play!
Grammy, Martha, Aunt Becky, and Me

Bbq nachos...YUMMY!

the boys warming up...

coach in the middle

I really like Jeff....we'll keep him as long as he'll stay!

My sign! which can be used for men's and women's bball!
And was on the front page of the Norman Transcript last week :)

Game day food! sooo yummy! Try it if you're going there!

Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, Me, Martha, and our sign!

Toby Keith was like 4 seats away from me (same row) but I didn't want to be all stalker like so I just took a picture where he wouldn't be able to tell :)

Everyone loves Blake!

We won Round 2! Yay!
Taylor, Austin, Blake, Tony, Willie, Cade, Jaun, Omar, Ryan, T.J, Orlando, Ray, and Beau you boys did GREAT!!!! (look how fun basketball is, you can list the whole team!! that would never happen with football!)

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That's cool, didn't know you took a photo with the Griffin's!