Tuesday, March 31, 2009

oklahoma sky

It's no secret I that love Florida and I'm often very homesick in this landlocked state (that boasts the most coastline HA!) I miss sunsets and palm trees and year-round flip flops and warm and the ocean! I do not like snow, HAIL, tornadoes, and the ever changing weather....really 85 one day and 35 the next....ick! But the other day I was driving down a back road with and the sky was so beautiful I had to get a few shots....

I don't think you could ever take a picture like this in Florida!
I love it when the sun peaks out!

The clouds were so pretty (I even see some green)

Even though the trees still have no leaves...

I used to call those things "mommy monsters"

Oklahoma is beautiful even outside of her football stadiums!

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