Tuesday, March 3, 2009

clothes and cereal

It's cold today. ugh. I'll be in Florida so soon! yippie! (I might have to be dragged back on to the airplane)I decided this would probably be my last time this year to wear my black (for real) wrap dress from Gap. I bought it a few weeks ago at an end of the season sale and figured it be cold enough for me to wear it once or twice.
I also wanted to wear my new shoes. They are so fun!
And so far pretty comfortable!

This is one of my favorite things, my sister got it for me a couple of years ago and today it brought my lunch to work! Only instead of blueberries I had bananas!

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Giant Sis said...

nice dress and fun shoes! i'm sure those high heels would kill me though! when do you head to FL? for fun? and now i'm hungry from the food pic.