Thursday, March 12, 2009

Florida! the beginning

I flew into West Palm Beach and Scott picked me up
(I didn't make him take any pictures of this)
We went to Chili's for dinner and started with the chips and queso!
I love that stuff!
I had a margarita. yummy! (Scott wouldn't use the flash so it's pretty grainy)
Then I mad him pose for pictures with the food...still no flashSo yummy!
Friday we got up and drove to Fort Lauderdale, to shop! yay!
First we had to eat so we went to Rain Forest Cafe to get some nachos.
I forgot to take a picture before we started so a few bites into it will do!
This guy and I became bff.
He's pretty cute!

After the mall we went to Bass Pro (I am so sweet).
I couldn't resist the photo opt...
even though I felt like a really big dork!
why do they even have photo spots inside the store?
Obviously we we were not in a good part of town, they have these in the parking lots....there are cops that just sit in there and watch the parking lot. They are real cops to not the rent-a-cop kind, I saw their real life police cars...scary!

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Giant Sis said...

now i want some chili's chips and queso - our favorite! and yeah, bass pro shop is weird for having indoor photo opts. i really hate being dragged to that store - scott's family loves it. gag. it's worse than being dragged to best buy (which is saying a lot for me!). glad you had fun!