Saturday, November 27, 2010

Boomer Sooner!

I cannot believe it.
I went into tonight’s game with only a small ounce of hope.
15% seemed like a fair chance.
I thought for sure all dreams of my Sooners playing in the final Big XII Championship game were gone.
I was ready to congratulate those other fans.
All before we even kicked off.
When it was time for the game to start I thought I was going to be sick.
We scored first.
Maybe I was wrong.
It sure was a crazy game.
One where I could hardly watch.
The kind where I couldn’t help but hold my breath.
The kind of football you want to watch when you don’t care who wins the game.
I probably didn’t have enough confidence.
Our team had enough confidence.
They played their hearts out.
Even when things weren’t going our way.
Through mistakes.
and missed calls.
Our team held it together.
They played through the craziest 4th quarter
They never let us down!
They never gave up.
Not the Coaches.
Nor the players.
They held it together.
They did it on the road!
They WON!
For the EIGHTH time in a row!!!

1 comment:

Tavia said...

BOOMER SOONER!! I couldn't breathe the entire 4th quarter!