Monday, November 22, 2010

The Littles

Every year I make a point to try and attend sporting events for all my cousins. This year I really only made it to things the youngest three were doing.

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Olivia is my mini me, the things she does crack us up because she looks/sounds just like I did at her age…sadly, this apparently goes for sports too. She seems to be a little bit scared of the ball, and I think she rather be shopping then running…but she has a really good attitude and tries so hard out there. Most importantly she is improving (which is more than we can say for me)

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Charlie on the other hand is some kind of soccer freak, he totally understands the concept and scores goal after goal, while the rest of the kids are looking for flowers or waving to their parents. When his dad asked him about how hard he was playing he said “I have no trophies and I want a trophy so I have to win” they decided not to tell him everyone gets a trophy because it’s so fun to watch him!

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This is B’s first year in football wearing full pads, he’s the quarterback. A few years ago when he started football I used to ask him why quarterback was the best position on the field and he’d answer “because the quarterback gets all the girls” ha! Smart boy! He’s such a little leader out there and I just love to watch him, I hope his love and ability for football keep developing because I would love to have a high school football player to cheer for! (no pressure though!)

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My absolute favorite thing about Thanksgiving is getting to hang out with these guys (and he bigs too). I love that even though I’m so much older than all of them they never fail to save me a seat at the kids table. Smile


sunshine said...

Hello, just visiting from Mingle Monday, your nephews are very cute, I am glad you get to spend time with them.

Jessica said...

Saying hi from Mingle Mondays. Those kids are so cute, and I have to relate on the lack of talent in sports, eek! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! :)

Karissa Jade Ferguson said...

Here from Mingle Monday! You're such a great cousin to go to lots of their stuff! Wish I lived closer to mine :)

a life of color said...

1.) thanks for stopping my blog 2.) your cousins are so cute and 3.) i love your blog title! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

High Heeled Life said...

Hi there visiting from Meg's Mingle Mondays.... what a sweet blog you have .. your little cousins are adorable!!

I'm going to check out the Pet gift Swap ... I have a Little Yorkie... HHL