Sunday, November 21, 2010

I wish weekends were 5 days and weeks were 2 days...

Well another weekend has come and gone. 

But this week is such a short week we can't even be to sad to have to go to work tomorrow. 

We decided maybe we were the Sooners' bad luck because both road games we went to we lost, so we decided to stay home and let the boys have a fighting chance. Sadly, it turns out we WERE the bad luck. We won (which is not sad) They even looked good! I hope this doesn't mean we'll have to miss the bowl game!

Since we weren't traveling to Waco we had a pretty easy going weekend. Saturday we had brunch at our favorite La Baguette yum! We've tried a few other places lately and nothing has quite lived up to our favorite little spot in Norman.

Today was one of those days where I stayed in my pjs and watched football most of the day. It was wonderful and much needed. I'm up a little too late for a Sunday night but I only have to work two days this week so I think I can make it. 

I got my Thanksgiving dishes all planned out (we have 20-30 people for Thanksgiving and everybody brings stuff, it's kind of pot lucky, it's always been that way and I love it) I'm making 3 side dishes and 2 desserts nothing as ambitious as last year though! Because I still haven't recovered from those 150 little tiny pies I made....

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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