Monday, November 8, 2010

I have a problem.

The first step is admitting it.

I lock myself out of anything with a lock.

Cars, houses, my office. I don't discriminate.

Last week I locked myself out of my office and had to sit outside for almost an hour (during the middle of the day) and that was the second time in a month.

Who can forget this time I locked myself outside of the house, barefoot, braless, and with the dog?

I don't frequently have any good locking myself out of my car stories anymore because I have a key pad on my car (best invention ever!) But, I have locked keys in the car when it's running (at a gas station), in the trunk, thousands of miles away from home, pretty much any scenario you can imagine I've done it, twice.

Garrett is pretty much just as bad as I am, the first time we met in person (he knew my roommate and we had only talked on AIM) it was because he needed to borrow my AAA because his keys were locked in his car, and the first time he met my family he locked his keys in the car.

That sinking feeling when you realize what you've done is like no other.

So, this weekend on our way to College Station we rented a car. (to save miles on our cars) We left Dallas later than we anticipated and had to stop a few too many times, traffic was horrible I was driving and trying to figure out which way to go (G cannot navigate and we forgot the GPS) and it just wasn't working, so we pulled over and decided to let G do the driving.

A gas station seemed like the perfect place to make the swap and to top off the tank. (major time saver!) Garrett ran in and I started pumping the gas, while I was waiting I thought I should get my cell phone out of the trunk...I hate being away from that thing.

Being a car I'm not familiar with I couldn't find the button that opens the trunk so I had to take the keys out of the ignition and use the keyless entry to open it. No problem...

Except I guess I hit the lock button on the car, and then I set the keys on the driver's seat, no big deal though because I left the door wide open.

Then Garrett game out and was trying to sneak up on me and shut the door, with the keys inside, and the doors locked.

The good news the door was in that state where it's shut but not closed all the way (you know when you do that hip push thing to shut it) so there was a crack..

Some hero guy came up and was helping us trying to get the door open and after about 45 minutes, a few comments about just calling a "pop and lock" (is that a Texas thing?), a screwdriver, 2 hangers, a piece off of a gas station display and Zero dollars spent we busted that bad boy open and were on our way!

Helper guy wouldn't take anything for his help, but he really made our day!

We made it in time to watch our Beloved Sooners fall to the texas a&m.....maybe the keys were an omen...

I seriously lock something and need help getting in at least twice a month, tell me I'm not the only one?!?

If you're stopping for Mingle Monday, welcome! If you've never been over there take a look it's a fun way to find some new blogs and get some new readers!

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Hi I've come via Meg's Mingle and loved the title of your blog. It's okay you are not the only one. I kept losing my keys. I had them around my neck at one point like a child. i think it might be a female thing so hey don't worry.

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