Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Date Night

So I have class on Monday and Tuesday nights which means I leave the house around 8am and don't get home until close to 11pm it makes for two very long days. By Wednesday I'm exhausted and all I want to do is sleep, Garrett on the other hand is eager to spend some time with me. Recently I've been coming home and taking a short nap (or doing something responsible like laundry or dishes) then we head out for a date!

We heard about this place (Pachinko Parlor) downtown that does sushi in a new way so we headed out to try it. The atmosphere was really fun and they have a ton of rolls that don't contain any fish at all! While I will eat sushi it is not my favorite (and if we're being honest I can only eat a few pieces before my gag reflex kicks it). It was perfect for us! Garrett can satisfy his craving for sushi and I can eat meat (that's been cooked!!) They only seafood in those rolls is the shrimp in the coconut shrimp roll!

After dinner we tried the Creme Brulee (because no matter how full the boy is he will not pass up some creme brulee). This one did not disappoint!

Then on the way out we saw that Sara Sara Cupcakes was next door (and it was open!!)

We had to get some to go! (Garrett picked two of the same, so boring!) The cupcakes are very dense (g says they are more like muffins) I thought they were super yummy!

I love this new trend we've started of spending some time doing something fun on a Wednesday it's way less hectic than going out on Friday or Saturday and helps the week move by so much faster!

(I've really got to get better at taking pictures of us instead of just the food we eat, you have no idea how many food pictures I have on my computer!)

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