Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Swap til You Drop

I signed up for two Holiday Swaps this week and I am so excited to get my partners and start shopping for both of them!

I've only done one previous swap and I was kind of disappointed with the whole situation, I worked really hard finding the perfect gifts for my partner and she never even let me know she received them. ): 

But....I'm super excited about the ones I signed up for this time!!

The first one is actually for my Littlest Love Kuddles!

How fun is that??

This one is being hosted by newly discovered (by me with help from ornament swap Laura)

The Rules:
If you have a pet, and are a blogger, you can participate!!! And we want you to!!! Here are the rules:
  1. You have to have a living, breathing pet. Unfortunately, your pet rock is awkward.
  2. Each pet has to be signed up individually, so if you have 3 pets – fill the form out 3 times! (It’s that easy.)
  3. Deadline to sign up is Wednesday, November 24th
  4. Deadline to send your gift to a cute little pet is Friday, December 10th
  5. If you sign up you are promising to participate. No one likes a holiday Grinch!
  6. Please keep the gift under $10 – it doesn’t cost a lot to send some love!
Seriously, go here and sign your pet up right now!
The second swap is an Ornament Swap, hosted by my new blog find Laura @ Luckiest In Love

Who doesn't love getting new Christmas decorations? 
(or anything in the mail for that matter?!)

I've been keeping my eye open for cute ornaments but I really want find out who my partner is so I can find something that is perfect for her!

Here are Laura's Rules:
  • You can either make or buy the ornament for your partner, but I’m setting a $10 price limit. Don’t feel like you have to spend the whole $10 either! There are some beautiful ornaments out there for much less! :)
  • Your ornament should be shipped so that your partner receives it around (or before) December 9th. I want everyone to be able to enjoy their ornament for the whole holiday season!
  • If you’re feeling festive you can include holiday treats or just a nice note along with your ornament – Everyone loves getting fun packages!
  • I’ll leave the sign up open until Sunday, November 21st. I’d like to get everyone paired up before Thanksgiving and get the information to you guys shortly after so no one feels too rushed!

    You can sign up to swap ornaments here.

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