Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!

They do Halloween all crazy around here in Oklahoma, the official Trick-or-treating night was on Saturday instead of Sunday (except in Norman, because there was a home football game). Last year it was on Friday instead of Saturday (because of the football game) in some places, other places it was on Saturday. The point is this...I never know what day things are going on.
What's that in the Grass?

I'm convinced that the powers that be don't like Halloween or trick-or-treating so they try to throw us off and confuse us by switching the days around. It kind of makes me sad.
It's a Kuddle Bug!

At the last second Garrett and I decided not to go to the OU game so we had to run to go get some candy for the kiddos, and the pickens were slim! But, I was super excited because this year we were at his parents house and there are lots and lots of kids to come get candy from us!
Don't be fooled by that look she was super excited to be dressed up!

We ran out of candy even with me rationing it one piece per child (which pretty much made me feel like a failure as an adult). This means next year I'm sure to over compensate and have the very most candy in the neighborhood.
Kuddles the caterpillar got lots of compliments.

The shortage of candy ended up working out though because we turned off the lights right at kickoff and lets be serious here, there was no way I was answering the door during a football game.
Tell me that bow tie isn't too cute!

Kuddles hated the doorbell ringing, and the small children at the door. It's like her two least favorite things in the world happening at the same time. She got lots of compliments despite her rude behavior. I made her wear her costume even after the trick-or-treating was over. She only gets to dress up once a year!
I think she's looking for a family that won't make her wear clothes!

Her Halloween PJs were another story, she wore them for a week! Its starting to get colder here which means she'll be wearing clothes more often. It's for her own good (and a little bit for my amusement)

The best little dog!

Hope you had a super Halloween!

I cannot believe it is November! This year I am participating in National Blog Posting Month, 30 posts in 30 days and I'm so excited!


The Branches said...

Oh my that is the cutest little outfit ever! I love the pictures!

Betty said...

Stopping by from Mingle the dog costume!!

Syndal said...

visiting from mingle mondays! omg-your pup is soooo adorable!! :)

LWoodsNY said...

Hello! I stopped by here from Mingle Monday, your dog is absolutely the cutest!! I cannot WAIT to get a dog (in a few months!) and he will be regular feature on my blog as well! Looking forward to following you!

"M" said...

cutest dog costume ever!

Emily Silver said...

Looking through your old posts :) Love Kuddles's costume!