Sunday, November 28, 2010

I wish every weekend started on wednesday…

What a great holiday weekend we had around here. Thanksgiving was wonderful (as always) hopefully I’ll have pictures posted soon! The dishes I decided to make were gobbled up and everyone told me they loved my (my favorite).

Friday I headed out to a store or two and decided that saving a few dollars was hardly worth navigating through all those people! Then I headed down to Norman for dinner (which wasn’t very good) at a new place Lemon Grass. Then it was a movie (that also wasn’t very good and got turned off quickly) and a little bit of homework.

Saturday morning I was amazed that I had another day without having to go to work! G played games while I worked on homework and then we headed to brunch at La Baguette (our fave!) After that it was football and more homework. Followed by the breaking of a curse….I watched a game with Garrett and his parents and we WON! (first time that’s ever, ever happened and that dates way back) Obviously we won the football game and I was giddy!

This morning I met Scott (who was driving through OKC) for breakfast, we had some good chatting time, it was good to see him. Then I spent a few hours at the library, more homework at G’s parents, followed by Charleston’s (yummy) and a movie (Red) it was kind of silly (and not in a good way).

Now I’m home and snuggled in bed with the Kuddlebug, I am sooo ready to get these next two days out of the way. I have big projects due both tomorrow and Tuesday…but it should be smooth sailing after that.

Also, I told Meg from Life of Meg that I posted about the swap she is doing…but I didn’t! and so then I felt like I lied to her, add that to the fact that my Sooners beat her cowboys and I was feeling a little guilty (about the lying only though).  To make Meg feel better about her team’s loss, head on over to her blog and sign up for her Mitten Mixer Swap! and PLUS it’s going to be a ton of fun, so do it!

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