Friday, October 4, 2013

5 on Friday

Today I'm linking up with the 5 on Friday girls! 

This week flew by and dragged on all at the same time. I'm not even sure how that works but I'm so happy we made it to Friday! Now if we could just get a three day weekend.....

1. I got the sweetest picture and elephant necklace from my bff's little girl.  I'm so lucky that she shares her all the fun of having a baby with me! My besties sister actually sent it while she was up there visiting I just love their whole family so much!

2. I purchased my own domain name this week I was having some troubles with blogger and so I just went for it. I kind of feel like blogging is on the way out but it cost almost nothing and it solved my problems. 

3. I have the best cousins! The are all a lot younger than me (and most of them are boys!) but they are always happy to hang out with me (they send me pics of prom or their first college football game, so I can live vicariously through them!) Last week these two called and asked if I wanted to take a work break to go to Starbucks, who could say no to that? 

4. Garrett and I are heading to the Tulsa fair this weekend to eat all the fried food on a stick we can find! 


5. I can't leave out this dog. If I'm sitting down she must be on my lap she is not a fan of all my studying if she could I think she would destroy my laptop. Please pet me and play with me and love me!


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