Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dinner, a movie, and a tangent.

I was going to write a post last night, a throwback Thursday post. I even started going through old pictures to try and get ready for it but then Garrett came home early and said let's pick up dinner and get a movie. 

And living life sounded better than reliving life :) so dinner and a movie won out in the end. 

We also ran to Ulta where I bought a new hair dryer and Garrett couldn't believe it cost so much I tried to explain how it's worth it in order to dry my hair faster, time is precious! I got the Rusk Speed Freak (which comes recommended by Kate and several other bloggers, I was debating between that and the cheaper Rusk W8Less because honestly my arms get tired of holding the hair dryer, I'll see how I like the Speed Freak. Target because it's my happy place and Best Buy for Garrett to buy a second monitor so he can work more from home (which cost less than my hair dryer...)

Then it was off to pick up dinner from Chuy's which I've been hearing about since high school and finally got to try a few weeks ago and I love it! and then home to watch The Bling Ring, which I think Garrett liked more than me because I'm just not that into celebrities...I know I'm not normal. 

I don't like pumpkin either. No pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread or PSLs. I'll take the salted caramel please and thank you! I'm not even the biggest fan of fall, I think it has the worst colors: orange, brown, and mustard just not really my thing. 

Just because I don't love fall does not mean that I don't put Kuddles in Halloween pjs :)

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