Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Monday Again...

Man I needed this weekend! 

After a long day of work on Friday I was ready for a lazy weekend! The weather was cool and it was the perfect day to bust out the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate I got from World Market! 

It lived up to my expectations with a whole bunch of marshmallows it was the perfect start the weekend treat! We thought about turning on the fire but we aren't quite there yet this year!


Saturday was Sooner football! We woke up early so I could get ready before we headed out to tailgate. I dried my hair, put on makeup, dressed cute and we headed out. We made it to our tailgate (which is indoors!) and then the rain started falling.... 


Oh man was that rain cold! I left my hair down as long as possible but it was just a mess. Thank goodness I always wear waterproof mascara or I would have been a raccoon! The game was a nail biter but we pulled out a win! and that's all that really matters. We came home I took a long hot bath and tried to warm up! 

Sunday was more football, laundry, and studying and getting ready for another week! I still need to buy Halloween candy and then I am ready to decorate for Christmas! (which is so unlike me! I used to tell my mom I didn't want a Christmas tree until after my birthday was over (on the 14th of December!)) I think we may start next weekend. I just really want to enjoy it as long as I can!

Here's to a great easy week!  

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