Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween's Past

Kuddles loves Halloween! 

Actually she hates every part of it, except the candy. She hates that I dress her up. She hates that the door bell rings, and she hates that there are small loud children on the other side of the door...

Sadly for her I love to dress her up!
Kuddles the squirrel! Once when K was not so fat we were staying at a hotel and I took her out to potty in the morning and this lady started screeching and said "oh my goodness is that some kind of squirrel"  2012

I love hippos! so of course when I saw this I knew K had to be a hippo! 2011

The bug costume has to be my favorite! Sweet little Kuddlebug!

It was just so bright and cheery! 

And of course we have the yellow submarine! In which everyone got the added joy of listening to me sing The Beatles Yellow Submarine all day! :)

We can't leave out this shot of her Halloween pjs!

This year's costume will be up tomorrow!

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