Thursday, October 17, 2013

Too Tired to Make Much Sense....

So my uncle (that I work for) is moving when I took lunch to them yesterday the house still had a long long way to go before it was ready for them to be out by closing this morning. It's the little stuff that was left you know the stuff you aren't quite sure what to do with like lamps and things that don't fit into boxers very well. But man there was a lot of it. So I called after work to see if he wanted me to come over and help. He happily excepted my help and I ended up staying until after 11 which meant I got home after 12. 


Normally that wouldn't be a big deal but I also volunteered to take my friend to the airport at 5 (they are going to Hawaii! so jealous! and I hope no one breaks anything!) which meant I needed to be up and out of my house by 4:30 

and I needed gas I wasn't sure which was worse getting gas at midnight or 4:30. I picked 4:30 at a well lit station with other cars there and only got 2 gallons to hopefully minimize the time someone could snatch me. 

So I can usually function on 4.5 hours of sleep (and maybe what I really mean by that is that I used to rock life on no sleep a hundred years ago in college but now I'm old and I need my sleep but I like to pretend like I don't)

The other thing is I happily said I'd take my uncle's dogs home with me for the night and bring them to work with me this morning. That way no one had to worry about them while they finished cleaning and did the closing. There were two problems with that 

1. They whined and cried until 1 (reducing my sleep time!) and maybe later than that but I moved them out of my room to where I couldn't hear them 

2. I guess when I put them in the kennel outside of my room I didn't close it right so they ended up roaming the house (and having some accidents...) all night long (or you know for 3 hours...) 
Needless to say I'm exhausted today. Twice this week I woke up at 4 something and twice this week I went to be after 1 and it's catching up with this old lady. so I wore jeans (the doors are locked and the lights off in the office because we had to store some stuff from the house here and it is a disaster!) a t-shirt, no make up, and I didn't wash my hair but I managed this sockish bun that is standing on end that is pretty impressive!


I pretty much feel like Bruce. There are some pillows tucked around here I think I might bust one out and take an under the desk floor nap!

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