Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Florida! Pelicans!

Southwest is having a sale and I'm thinking about booking my tickets to Florida (but what if the prices go down!) for my Mom's birthday in February. Garrett's never been and he's coming for this trip and I'm so so so excited to show him around! You know he hates vacations but I think he'll like the slow pace of my little beach town!

I didn't go home at all in 2013 and I only went for like 52 hours in 2012, I don't even remember 2011 but with all the school I may not have gone then either. Really that's just shameful!

I really love that town and lots of days I dream of moving closer but I really do love being close to so much family in Oklahoma it's hard being pulled in two different directions.

I miss lots of Florida things.

My mom, my sister.

My friends that still live there.

My town. My favorite restaurants

My favorite road (do you have a favorite road? i love love love to drive up and down my favorite road)

Palm trees.

The beach. Sunsets over the water.

The shopping.

And the pelicans. I really love pelicans! Their beaks can hold more than their bellies can!

Really when I first moved to Oklahoma I missed all of the obvious things from home but I didn't realize how much I would miss big pretty birds, Pelicans and white Herons and Palm Trees and seeing Alligators in the wild.

* I think I actually took all of these pictures on the East coast of Florida I proudly hail form the Gulf Coast which I think is so so so much prettier :)

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